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Momentum Applets

Momentum experienced by an astronaut (cartoon):
While you're there check out all the other examples listed on the left hand side
4 Star
Consevation of momentum
The most realistic of the applets on this topic, but limited to five minutes per day
5 Star
Useful for showing elastic and inelastic collisions
4 Star
With an air track
4 Star
As above
4 Star
Crash: Horizon documentary
Detailing the death toll that has resulted from the car and some of the innovations developed to make them less lethal. Youtube. 45 min
4 Star
Col John Stapp acts as his own crash test dummy In order to acquire data on the human body's ability to withstand extreme forces.YouTube. 4 mins 4 Star
The Physics of car crashes YouTube. 22 mins 4 Star
The Physics of car crashes link YouTube. 4 mins via MinutePhysics  
Rocket travel
Japanese man uses a bunch of water rockets to take off!! Youtube. One minute
5 star
Everything you need to know about water rockets

Including how to make them. From npl.co.uk

4 Star
Great site for short, high speed video clips
From engr.colostate.edu
4 Star
Newton's Cradle Applet
If 1 ball goes in, why can't 2 balls go out with half the initial speed?
From hyperphysics
4 Star
Illustrates conservation of energy and conservation of momentum
From surendranath.org
Conservation of angular momentum
kids on a merry-go-round. Notice the relationship between angular velocity and radius. Youtube. 1 min
4 Star
Video clip of demo with lady with dumbells on a rotating chair. Arms come in, she speeds up. From hyperphysics
3 Star
Mandatory experiment: conservation of momentum link Nice simulation from mathsphysics.com 4 Star
  link YouTube video from c4science 4 Star