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Introduction to Physics

Introduction to Physics A short history of the subject by Dara O Briain. YouTube. 4 mins
Why is science important? Wonderful website from Alom Shaha featuring a series of videos from scientists in various fields.
Why science is NOT 'Just a Theory' YouTube. 4 mins. Via Alom Shaha and The Royal Institution
The importance of questioning in Science YouTube. 8 mins. Via one of the giants of science, Richard Feynman; emphasises that we never 'really' know the answers to anything.
I want this tee-shirt Science: ruining everything since 1543
Scientific Notation    
A clever way to estimate enormous numbers YouTube. 4 mins via TED-Ed

Standard and scientific notation

YouTube. 5 mins. From Alom Shaha
Introduction to units 11 minutes from CrashCourse via YouTube.
Note that we don't need to know about significant figures on the LC Physics course.