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Applied Maths: Circular Motion Applets

Why is a minute divided into 60 seconds, an hour into 60 minutes, yet there are only 24 hours in a day? link Webpage from scientificamerican.com  
Circular Motion Demonstration with Sparkler link Alom Shaha on YouTube. 3 mins 4 Star
Forces acting on a car taking a bend From absorblearning.com 3 Star
Out of control carousel. There was actually an exam question on this a few years back YouTube. 1 min
4 Star
6 mark question: Identify all forces acting on the motorcyclist in this Wall of Death YouTube. 1 min 5 Star
Nice demonstration of a force acting in towards the centre causing circular motion Using a ball and mallet? YouTube. 1 mins 5 Star
This is a demo (with explanation) of a jar of water swinging over a person's head. The emphasis is on forces. From vimeo.com. 3 mins 4 Star
Pouring iced tea while flying upside down YouTube. 1 min.
4 Star
There is something very odd about this image. Hmmm . . .  
Relationship between linear velocity and angular velocity

Notice that both bugs have the same angular velocity but different linear velocities

4 Star
  Shows the path of a particle under the influence of inverse square central force 3 Star
Centrifugal Force A common myth treated in cartoon fashion by xkcd.com 5 Star
Dealing with some misconceptions YouTube 3 mins. 4 Star
Satellite motion      
Try to put the satellite into orbit
3 Star
As above
3 Star
  As above 3 Star
  As above 3 Star
Close Earth projection
3 Star
Watch the satellites in real time Fantastic site - click and rotate on the globe or on a satellite 5 Star
Introduction to Satellites Includes a nice video on the Physics of Satellites, launches etc 4 Star
Why doesn't the space shuttle fall to Earth? Cool explanation. YouTube. one minute. Also explains weightlessness 4 Star
Why doesn't the moon fall down? This time from an astronomer. YouTube. Two minutes 4 Star
Before Newton, even before Galileo, there was Kepler; trully one of our very first scientists. His work was on the motion of the planets and paved the way for Newton. Background into Kepler's life and times
Carl Sagan via YouTube. 10 mins
4 Star