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Applied Maths: Projectiles Applets

Springboard break Ad for Sears. We should be able to work out why it's fake 4 Star
Displacement vectors Link From surendranath 3 Star
Independent horizontal and vertical components      
Projectile motion involvig a baseball helmet link Short but very impressivegif video from twitter  
The science behind the forward pass in rugby Nice video from dailymotion 5 Star
Projectile motion, velocity vectors indicated    
Nice interactive projectile simulation This time you can look at velocity and/or accelation vectors 4 Star
Pearls of Water demonstration link Physics teacher Alom Shaha on YouTube. 6 mins  
Projectile fired from a height Excellent applet for introducing Projecile Motion.
Click on the velocity vector
5 Star
Projectile fired horizontally from a cliff vectors indicated. Note that horizontal velocity is constant 4 Star
You gotta know your cos from your sine when investigating projectiles YouTube. 1 min. Short skit from JSC 4 Star
Bullet fired versus dropped      
From the perspective of vectors Animation  
And the real thing Courtesy of Brianiac and YouTube. 3 mins 4 Star
Monkey and Hunter This is a famous problem in this area, highly counter-intuitive 5 Star
  Beautiful demonstration from Alom Shaha 5 Star
Shoot a ball horizontally and let a second ball drop: which lands first? Excellent applet for comparing horizontal initial velocity to dropping a ball 3 Star
Nice animation of the demonstration From absorblearning.com 3 Star
Looking at the phenomenon using vectors With both horizontal and vertical velocity vectors indicated 3 Star
How fast does the stunt rider have to travel to avoid the crocodiles? Make your prediction first, then test it out. 3 Star
Interesting image of a human projectile Jumping off a cliff
Notice the trajectories in both the horizontal and vertical directions
4 Star
Human projectiles From YouTube 3 Star
Use projectile equations to determine if a Hollywood movie stunt is possible From YouTube 4 Star