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Applied Maths: Relative Velocity Applets

It's all about Frames of Reference link Classic 1960 Educational Film. YouTube. 30 mins  
Independent horizontal and vertical components      
The science behind the forward pass in rugby Nice video from dailymotion 5 Star
Some unusual phenomena      
Airbus landing in a crosswind Link YouTube. 2 mins  
Canon fired vertically from a moving train Nice video from MIT.tv 4 Star
Galileo thought experiment on the same concept Nice 3 min video from teacherdomain.org 3 Star
Balancing speed of trains Link 10 second video  
Shooting a ball backwards from a moving truck What directions should you throw a bottle from a moving car in order to minimise the chances of it breaking on impact? YouTube. 1 min 5 Star
Mythbusters try something similar YouTube. 1 min  
  Applet showing a ball dropped from a ship's mast from the perspective of an observer on the ship, and also from the perspective of a stationary observer 3 Star
Shortest Distance Extremely useful for explaining why we need relative motion diagrams for calculating shortest distance 4 Star
2004 (b) part 1 MyYouTube. 10 mins  
2004 (b) part 2 MyYouTube. 10 mins  
Boat and River Very useful for explaining motion of a body crossing a river 4 Star
  Similar to above - this one tells you how long boat takes to cross plus time taken 3 Star
Introduction to "Wind Appears to blow" type questions MyYouTube. 6 mins  
2003 part a MyYouTube. 7 mins  
2001 b MyYouTube. 10 mins  
2004 part b MyYouTube. 10 mins  
1992 MyYouTube. 10 mins  
2000 no 2 MyYouTube. 9 mins  
Part 2 MyYouTube. 8 mins  
Part 3 MyYouTube. 9 mins