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Junior Cert Science: Literacy and Numeracy

Policy document Science Department Policy document on Literacy and Numeracy  
General Resources
List of Chapters Students use this as an overview of the course  
List of keywords by chapter Students put these into their notes and learn to put them in a sentence with correct puncuation; more able students learn how to spell them.  
List of keywords in table form Print these onto A3 and display them when covering the chapter  
Colour Images of keywords by chapter Print these onto A3 and display them when covering the chapter  
Images of Lab Equipment Print these onto A3 and display them around the lab  
    Thank to Jacinta for the three resources above  
How to draw graphs This helps to develop the relevant skills required to draw and interpret graphs.  
Science Formulae - help with Maths Questions For practice doing maths questions - it also allows students to see that there are 'only' about 10 equations.  
Chemical Equations Seeing these in isolation helps students to understand their usefulness.  
Guide to revising To assist students revise for the Junior Cert exam  
Air and Oxygen    
Alkali Metals    
The Atom and Solutions    
Human Reproduction    
Metals and non-metals    
Plant Reproduction    
The Digestive System    
Online Quizzes
Series of Chemistry quizes from chem4kids.com
Set of revision tests from teachnet.ie
Set of revision exercises from Sciencequiz.net

Use to make out word searches etc. for any topic.
You can make these as simple or as difficult as you like and you can use the text mode to cut and paste to a word document.