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Junior Cert Physics: Density

OP 2 Measure mass and volume of a variety of solids and liquids and hence determine their densities.
  A series of JC Science experiments on Density Youtube. First 4 minutes  
  Lesson plan for measuring the density of a chocolate bar and also half a chocolate bar From weareteachers  

Interactive Experiment from explorelearning.com.
(5 min limit)

Measure the density of an irregular solid and then predict whether it will float or sink. 5 Star
  Nice density demonstration using peanuts and beer (sprite will do fine) Can you figure out how it works without reading the explanation? 4 Star
  A cannonball floating in a bath of mercury Strange but true. Youtube. 1 min. 4 Star
  Wonderful demonstration of floating and sinking using sulfur hexafluoride Youtube. 1 min 5 Star
  Which is more dense - diet coke or regular coke?

From Steve Spangler. Youtube. 3 mins.
The difference is sugar. Watch how much sugar is in regular coke.

4 Star
  Floating Bowling Balls - Cool Science Experiment Steve Spangler Science. YouTube.
3 minutes
4 Star
  Diving spagetti - can you explain what's happening? Steve Spangler on YouTube. 1 min 4 Star
  Monty Python explains Density Sounds like my science class. Wonderful stuff. YouTube. 4 mins 5 Star