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Junior Cert Physics: Sound

Show that sound is a form of energy
MyYouTube. 7 mins
Sound is produced by vibrations
A speaker (with sound)
3 Star
  3-D Acoustic Manipulation Youtube. 2 minutes. Incredible 5 Star

Recovering speech by analysing the vibrations of a crisp packet

Youtube. 5 minutes. Fantastic
5 Star
  Visualising sound waves - a history of Chladni waves Link From ted.com  
  What does sound look like? Pretty dang cool Youtube. 2 minutes.  
Chrome Music Lab
link Fantastic site from musiclab.chromeexperiments.com.
Because music is for everyone
4 Star
How a speaker works
MyYoutube. 5:30.
Sources of Sound, Loudness and Pitch
Useful introduction with Questions
3 Star
Video of the vocal chords
Youtube. 1 minute
3 Star
  Cornstarch on a speaker Youtube. 1 minute 3 Star
Includes some very cool slo-mo video clips to demonstrate the vibrations.
Youtube. 9 minutes.
4 Star
  Use an iphone to demonstrate the vibrations in guitar strings Youtube. 2 minutes. Why not try this yourself - it's very cool!
5 Star
Show that sound transmission requires a medium
  Using an unusual pump! MyYoutube. 3 minutes.  
  Simple animation showing how sound vibrations travel through the air from source to ear.
From absorblearning.com
3 Star
The bell and bell-jar
From absorblearning.com
3 Star
A more interactive version
Click on the "listen with varying air pressure" tab
5 Star
Echoes are reflected sound
Animation of a ship using sonar to locate a shoal of fish
From absorblearning.com
3 Star
  Directing and focusing sound Link From ted.com  

Understand that the ear detects sound vibrations

Nice animation of sound energy travelling from source to the ear.
From absorblearning.com
5 Star
Exposure to very loud sounds can cause damage to hearing

How the human ear works

BBC. Youtube. 1 minute 4 Star
  Download a Mosquito tone to your phone Of course I don't advocate you use this in my class  
  Typical sound frequencies - can you label the missing parts? Link From absorblearning.com  

Recall that the speed of sound is less than the speed of light


Explain the time lag between seeing and hearing the same event

So what's a Sonic Boom?
Excellent explanation, this was an entry to a video competition. Nice idea
5 Star
Slightly querkier explanation
4 Star
Nice image caused by jet fighter plane YouTube. Ten seconds
4 Star