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Junior Cert Pressure

One of the most famous images in Science
An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump.
You can zoom in and also listen to a podcast
5 Star
OP 10
Pressure and Area
The famous bed of nails
A four-layer bed of nails using 6 inch nails. Youtube. 3 minutes. Guinness world record. Check out other links on youtube also. 5 Star
Why can't you break an egg with one hand?
It c an't be done -the force is spread over too large an area so the pressure is too small 4 Star
OP 11
Pressure and Depth in a liquid
Standard experiment
MyYouTube. Simple demonstration. 2 mins  
Interactive simulation of a water tower to illustrate how pressure in a liquid varies with height.
Lovely animation 4 Star
OP 12
Air has mass
MyYouTube. Simple demonstrations. 2 mins  
Air takes up space
MyYouTube. Simple demonstrations. 5 mins  
OP 13
The atmosphere exerts pressure
Demonstrating atmospheric pressure with a marshmallow. Use a large syringe instead of the specialised apparatus.
MyYouTube. Simple demonstration. 3 mins  
  Using a Vac-U-Vin apparatus MyYouTube. Simple demonstration. 8 mins  
  Series of short demonstrations involving marshmallows MyYouTube. 6 mins.  
  Series of short demonstrations MyYouTube. 3 mins.  
  Nice animation of how a vacuum pump 'sucks up' water From absorblearning.com. 'Course the next question is "how does a vacuum pump wor"?' 4 Star
Demonstrating atmospheric pressure - the imploding coke can

Simple demonstration. Includes an explanation.
From Hyperphysics. 1 min

3 Star
Another look at this demonstration
A simulation and explanation from absorblearning.com 4 Star
Demonstrating atmospheric pressure - crushing a steel drum
Simple demonstration. Includes an explanation.
From Hyperphysics. 1 min
3 Star
Video of the imploding train carraige
From Youtube. 30 seconds 5 Star
  How to read a weather chart From Met Eireann  
Pressure and Boiling Point
The relationship between pressure and boiling point. You could just use a large syringe.
MyYouTube. Simple demonstrations. 6 mins  
  It's called a Vac-U-Vin. Order it online MyYouTube. 4 mins  
Simple animation of a pressure cooker
From absorblearning.com 4 Star