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Junior Cert Light

Light Fantastic YouTube. 6 mins Wonderfully dramatic introduction to the incredible history of light
5 Star

Understand that light is a form of energy and that it can be converted to other forms

Solar Power: Used to melt steel
Impressive. Youtube. Six minutes
5 Star
Solar cooking home page
It is what it says
3 Star

Show that light travels in straight lines and explain how shadows are formed.

Light Sources, Reflection and Shadows. Flash required
Useful introduction with Questions
3 Star
Move the object or the screen to see the effects
3 Star
Shadow Theatre Act on Britain's Got Talent
Youtube. 3 minutes
5 Star

Understand that luminous objects are a source of light while non-luminous objects are seen as a result of light reflected from them.

Recall that white light is made up of different colours which can be separated by dispersion.

Produce a spectrum of white light using appropriate apparatus, and list the colours of the spectrum.

Dispersion by a Water Sprinkler
Youtube. 2 minutes. I think this is why they say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
5 Star
Dispersion in rainbows
Slow-moving animation, but useful.
3 Star
Another look at dispersion in rainbows
Youtube. 4 minutes
3 Star
  Light and Colour with Bill Nye YouTube. 6 minutes
4 Star
  The colours we see depend on physiology, not physics I offer you exhibit A; the mantis shrimp
5 Star
  What is color? Ted-Ed: Colm Kelleher Youtube. 4 minutes  

Investigate the reflection of light by plane mirrors, and illustrate this using ray diagrams.

To show angle of Incidence = angle of reflection
Simple but very useful introduction
4 Star
Demonstrate and explain the operation of a simple periscope.

Show the refraction of light as it passes from: air to glass, air to water, glass to air, water to air.

  Nice (mis)application of refraction for spearing a fish A planet scicast production. 3 mins  
Click on the various 'Refraction' tabs for a nice interactive introduction
4 Star
Show refraction of light through a lens.
Demonstrate the operation of a magnifying glass.
Put a concave / convex lens in front of 3 rays of light and predict what wil happen
Nice 'n simple
3 Star
  Application of refraction to help solve a crime in CSI TeacherTube. 4 mins
4 Star
  Demonstrating the same thing in a lab YouTube. 4 mins
4 Star
Nice black and white video on Refraction
From Scicast. 2 minutes.
4 Star
Interactive investigation of Short- and Long-sightedness
Nice 'n simple
4 Star
Drag and Drop labelling of the main parts of the eye
Basic, but quite useful
4 Star
  Lasers in the classroom Safety document from CLEAPPS  
For teachers: what lasers are safe to use?
  Manatory experiment: concave mirror From mathsphysics.com