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Junior Cert Magnetism

Useful introduction with Questions 3 Star
Movie clip of the Northern Lights Wonderful short movie 5 Star
Images of the Northern Lights Taken from same site as above. Check out the Photo contest for images 5 Star
Aurora borealis Panoramic display 4 Star
Magnetic Field Lines
How to plot the magnetic field of a magnet YouTube. First 2 mins. Follow the instructions 3 Star
On your fingernails?? The product itself is 5 Star 3 Star
Plotting compass and magnet From absorblearning.com 4 Star
Magnetic Field Patterns for a straight conductor, a coil and a loop. Click on Next each time 3 Star
  Magnetic Field of a bar magnet. Drag and click the pointer 4 Star
  Magnetic Field of a straight conductor, with moving electrons visible in the conductor 3 Star
  Magnetic fields associated with two magnets. You can change orientation of both magnets. 3 Star
Click ON to simulate the effect of iron filings 3 Star
Where is the true North Pole? YouTube. 4 mins. From MinutePhysics 4 Star
Earth's magnetic field Click on the 'Show Planet Earth tab. 5 Star
Nice image of the magnetic field of the earth From absorblearning.com 4 Star
Every few hundred thousand years the direction of the Earth's magnetic field reverses. Evidence for this was found in the rock-reversals of the ground under the sea.
Animation rom Absorblearning.com
5 Star
Dancing paper-clips Any idea why the magnetic field is strongest when the train is speeding up and slowing down. YouTube. 1 minute 4 Star
The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields Wonderful 5 minute video from vimeo.com 5 Star
Looking at the 3-D nature of the fields Using ferro-fluid. MyYouTube. 3 minutes  
Want to see a levitating frog? Because Science has never persued a more noble cause. From YouTube 5 Star
An electromagnet picking up a car From absorblearning.com 3 Star
Or water being affected by a magnet? Why not try it out in the classroom. you will need neodynium magnets. From YouTube 4 Star