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Junior Cert Energy

Student Notes, including all past exam questions and answers
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Classify sources of energy as renewable or non-renewable

Youtube. 4 mins from TED

State the principle of conservation of energy

  Brianiac demonstrates in their own inimitable way Youtube. 4 mins
4 Star
Energy conservation of a suicidal hippo
Wait for the very end
4 Star

Photo of some serious jumpin' shoes
Nice interactive game on energy waste in the home
From sustainable energy ireland
Perpetual Motion
This one is more fun. From YouTube
4 Star
Conservation of energy Lovely simulation which shows how a trolley demonstrating conservation of energy 4 Star
    Newton's cradle 3 Star
  Human loop-the-loop Determined by conservation of energy. YouTube 4 Star

Explain why the sun is considered our primary source of energy and how this is important in food production and energy supply

  Did you know that you can eat the sun? A lovely take on the subject. 1 min video
4 Star
HAIL - The Return of the Sun

Two minute video promoting solar energy.
wonderful stuff, from Youtube

5 Star

Melting steel with solar power. Youtube 2 minutes

4 Star
Solar energy - the future
A solar energy generating station . Youtube 5 minutes
4 Star
Where did the universe and all energy come from
9 minute video on The Big Bang from NOVA

List the advantages and disadvantages of different energy sources,

including nuclear sources of energy, as part of the solution to national energy needs
A clickable guide to the world's energy use Link Check out 'Oil' and 'Renewable' and compare China and the USA. 4 Star

Identify different forms of energy and carry out simple experiments to show [...] energy conversions

Junior Cert Energy Conversions: Demonstrations
Class demonstrations.
4 minutes
Using bicycles to power a shower

From Bang Goes the Theory.
Youtube. 3 mins

3 Star
  Human-powered helicopter Mad. Simply mad 4 Star

Give examples of energy conversions from everyday experience