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Junior Cert: Measurement and Speed

  World's Roundest Object! Redefining The Kilogram YouTube. 12 mins. Brilliant, but a bit advance for first years. 5 Star
  Defining the metre and the second Interesting but terribly monotonous narration. YouTube. 4 mins 3 Star
OP 1 Perform simple calculations based on speed, velocity, and acceleration      
  Revison Crossword on Units    
  That famous 100 m sprint from Usain Bolt YouTube. 1 min 5 Star
From Eureka-Science YouTube Five minutes
5 Star
From Eureka-Science YouTube Five minutes
5 Star
  Ten Minute video on Time, Distance and Speed Very nice, and it's Irish! 4 Star
  Skydiving from the edge of space YouTube Seven minutes 5 star
Graphs A wonderful and fun series of exercises to help understand motion graphs From theuniverseandmore.com 5 Star
  Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration Graphs  Start the car and watch as the graphs progress 3 Star
  Engineer Guy shows how a phone accelerometer works, knows what's up and sideways YouTube 4 minutes 5 star