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Junior Cert Physics: Electronics

Introduction to some Electronic Devices:  Diodes, light emitting diiodes (leds), and light dependant resistors (ldrs).
From John Hennessy at juniorscience.ie. Excellent resource.
5 Star
Nice big diagram of an led From explorelearning.com  
Using leds in a seven-segment display From explorelearning.com Four Star
Me using the site above MyYouTube. 9 mins  
What have sheep got to do with leds? A very strange application of leds. Youtube 5 Star
Using diodes as polarity indicators MyYouTube. 3 mins  
Wonderful project using leds as a revision board twitterpic 4 Star
History of 50 years of the LED 4 mins audio file. 3 Star
Making LED Street Art From HardScience on Youtube 3 Star