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Junior Cert Static Electricity

The science of static electricity link YouTube. 4 mins via TED-Ed  
Animation of electron movement in conductors and insulators
This illustrates why a charged object can attract a neutral object.
4 Star
How a Van de Graff generator works
Detailed explanation from a teacher
4 Star
Fun Fly Stick Youtube. 3 mins. 4 Star
My attempt at explaining this MyYouTube. 5 mins  
Just having fun MyYouTube. 30 secs.. Series of images uploaded to animoto  
Some fun activities MyYouTube. 4 mins. Over 100,000 views - go figure  
How can a balloon stick to a wall?

Rub the balloon off the jumper to find out

5 Star
Spray-painting a car using static electricity
Simple but interesting animation from absorblearning.com. Can you explain it? 4 Star
Hospital bans Crocs shocker!
A Swedish hospital wants to ban its staff from wearing Crocs plastic clogs, saying they generate static electricity that can knock out medical equipment. Newspaper report
4 star
Why do you sometimes get a shock when you touch something metal?
Rub John Travoltages' foot off the carpet to find out
5 Star
Short demonstration of static electricity involving rice-krispies
Short (1 min) YouTube video. Try it yourself
3 Star
Static electricity generated from a high-flying kite
Short (1 min) YouTube video
3 Star
Static electricity dangers associated with refuelling a plane Youtube. 1 min
3 Star
Helicopter doing bucket drops on the Las Conchas Fire in New Mexico. Can you spot the static electricity discharge?
Youtube. 1 min
4 Star
Static electricity dangers associated with a helicopter Youtube. 1 min
4 Star
Ben Franklin discovers the link between static electricity and lightning. link It was a seminal moment in the history of Science. Youtube 4 Star
"Linemen" are so called because they fix (usually high voltage) powerlines, so they 'wear' faraday cages. From Youtube. 3 minutes.
5 Star
Tesla Coil and Faraday cage
Youtube. 1 minute
5 Star
Faraday cage

Shorter but more impressive. From Youtube. 30 seconds

4 Star
To the theme song of "Dr Who"
Youtube. 2 minutes
5 Star
Some fun activities from Hyperphysics
Lots of fun with hair, cereal, light-bulbs etc
4 Star
Lady causes an explosion at a petrol station
Youtube. 1 minute
4 Star
Using various online resources
Myyoutube. 4 minutes  
Why Static Electricity demonstrations can often fail to work MyYouTube. 4 minutes  
Some tips on getting the van de Graff to work best One of my old blog posts  
More silly stuff with static electricity demonstrations MyYouTube. 4 minutes