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Junior Cert Physics: Centre of Gravity

Nice diagram of a balanced pencil Indicating that the centre of gravity is the point where all the weight on either side balances out. 3 Star
Which coke bottle is in stable equilibrium? Diagram from absorblearning.com 3 Star
An object is balanced if the centre of gravity is over the base
Can you explain using Physics why the van doesn't fall over during these two-wheeled stunts?

YouTube 1 min

4 Star
Nice simulation From the surendranath website 3 Star
There's more to this 'centre of gravity' lark than meets the eye. MyYouTube. 10 min  
Nice Centre of gravity demonstration Cool party trick, and all you need is a fork, knife, glass and a match. From youtube. Annoy your teacher enough and he (she) might let you try it in class 4 Star
  Balancing a coke can on the edge of a glass. YouTube. 1 min 5 Star
Some simple demonstrations MyYouTube. 2 min  
Another perspective YouTube. 3 mins 4 Star
The Fosbury Flop: An athlete uses physics to shatter world records YouTube 4 mins via TED-Ed 4 Star
The Physics of Walking      
Did you know that walking is merely the process of not falling over: It's actually a very unnatural act

First Steps: Watch as a baby tries to get the hang of this. YouTube 3 mins

5 Star
As soon as you lift one leg you are in unstable equilibrium and will fall over unless you put another foot out to stop your fall. Then repeat Similar video from Youtube. Notice how quickly Enrique manages to make this walking business look 'normal'. 4 Star
Robot Asimo Whereas here the boys at Honda are making much more progress 3 Star
Robot Walkbot Now getting a robot to up a stairs is impressive. 5 mins from Youtube 3 Star
Bird Moonwalking - the manakin bird! Is is what it says it is . . . YouTube 4 Star
Watch the expert - BIG DOG! MyYouTube. 3 min. Can you see why 4 legs results in a more stable set-up? 5 Star