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Junior Cert: The Atom

Nice simple diagrams of atoms, listing all relevant information From freezeray.com 3 Star
Model of the atom Rutherford's model of a lithium atom. From absorblearning.com 4 Star
Animations of the first 11 elements From visionlearning.com 4 Star
Golden retrievers explain atoms A crack team of PhD-trained golden retrievers illustrate the structure of atoms - the particles that make up everything around you. They also show how atoms are weirder than you might think.   Youtube. 2 minutes 5 Star
Using the analogy of gang neighbourhoods to explain the atom. Youtube. 2 minutes 4 Star
Professor Brian Cox modelling the discovery of the structure of the atom.
Youtube. 3:30. Note that it took Rutherford TWO YEARS to make sense of his results. Includes a clip of the great man himself.
5 Star
Rutherford was the name of the physicist who first realised that the atom is almost all empty space
Basic simulation of Rutherford's experiment to determine the structure of the atom. Remember Rutherford didn't know then what we know now.
3 Star
This is a variation on the above
3 Star
Nice simulation
4 Star
  Nice animation from explorelearning.com 4 Star
This must mean that we are almost completely empty space!
Short video (1:15) trying to explain this
4 Star
And we can never actually 'touch' anything else. From YouTube. 6 mins. Slightly funkier analysis from vsauce 5 Star
Try this, from minutephysics YouTube. 6 mins 5 Star
It kinda freaked Rutherford out
Audio link. 1:30. But it's worth it to hear how much it freightened Rutherford.
5 Star
Why textbook depictions of the atom are wrong
Youtube. 1:30. Pretty cool
5 Star
What are isotopes Youtube. 3 mins. 1veritasium 3 Star
Useful resource for explaining isotopes From freezeray.com 3 Star
Brownian motion smoke particle

An interactive animation demonstrating the Brownian motion of smoke particles in air. A stylised view of smoke particles under a microscope is shown.
From absorblearning.com

3 Star
Close-up of brownian motion An interactive animation showing air molecules bombarding a single smoke particle.
From absorblearning.com
3 Star
10 minute summary - Irish Everything in our world is made of atoms. Find out lots more about protons, neutrons and electrons, atomic structure, the periodic table, ions and different types of bonding in this video. 3 Star
And while you're at it check out the size of the Earth in comparison to other heavenly objects
Single web page with images
4 Star
Watch as Carl Sagan takes us on a whirlwind tour of the history of our planetary and biological evolution. YouTube. 8 mins 4 Star
Professor Brain Cox explains it in his own inimitable way. YouTube. 6 minutes. Taken from his "Wonders of the Universe" series 5 Star
Visualisations of the spectra of the elements

Otherwise known as "The Barcode of the Elements".
Might be a little advance for most, but one or two might appreciate it.

4 Star