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Junior Cert: Water

Revison Crossword on Water    
The water cycle Labelled diagram from absorblearning.com 3 Star
The Water Cycle Rap YouTube 2 mins from Bill Nye 4 Star
Water Treatment YouTube 3 mins 3 Star
Electrolysis of water YouTube 2 mins. Includes testing the products 4 Star
Calgon advert for preventing water hardness YouTube 30 secs. Includes a look at water hardness residue 4 Star
Why does ice float in water? Link YouTube 3 mins  
Water - a simply awesome liquid YouTube 11 mins. An overview of the chemistry that makes this liquid so special 4 Star
What is the most dangerous chemical ever discovered by Scientists, and how is it connected to water? Hmmmmm . . . 5 Star
Bottled water - the beginning of the insanity Series of light-hearted pages looking at how we have become hood-winked into this scam 5 Star
A detailed look at water and its bonding characteristics More suited for Leaving Cert, but if you're interested . . . 4 Star
Did you know we the average person uses 3.6 tonnes of water every day???? 97 % of it is associatied with the products we buy. Infographic