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Junior Cert: The Periodic Table, Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals

Revison Crossword on The Alkali Metals    
An interactive animation showing the periodic table. Click on each element to read about its properties. From absorblearning.com 4 star
A short video on every element in the periodic table From periodicvideos. Excellent 5 star
Daniel Radcliffe sings Tom Lehrer's "The Elements" YouTube. 2 mins 5 Star
Magnesium reactingwith steam An interactive animation. Click the arrow button to turn on the Bunsen burner. Drag the lighted splint next to the stopper to test for the presence of hydrogen gas. From absorblearning.com 3 star

Magnesium ribbon reactingwith air

An animation showing the reaction of magnesium ribbon in air.
From absorblearning.com

3 star
Displacing ions

An animation representing the displacement of copper ions in solution by magnesium.
From absorblearning.com

3 star
Ionisation by electron transfer An animation illustrating the process of forming an ion by transferring an electron. A sodium atom transfers an electron to a chlorine atom to form two ions. From absorblearning.com 4 star
Caesium in water = EXPLOSION Youtube. 1 minute  
Adding alkali metals to water Lithium, sodium, potassium plus rubidium and francium. Youtube. 1 minute 5 star
You just know Brianiac had to try this Youtube. 3 minutes 5 star
Did you know Brianiac fake many of their 'experiments'? Shame Text-based, from the BadScience website 3 star
Tutorial on how to safely carry out the demonstrations Youtube. 15 minutes 4 Star
Dance of the nobel gases Defies description. Youtube. 1 minute. 5 star