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Junior Cert: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

Did you know that you can get the iron back out of fortified cereal? Link Fantastic class experiment. YouTube. 2 mins 5 Star
Want to hear all the elements put to music? Link YouTube. 2 mins, from Tom Lehrer 5 Star
Want to hear Daniel Radcliffe try it? Link YouTube. 2 mins, taken from The Gramham Norton show 4 Star
"Meet the elements" Link Song from They Might Be Giants. YouTube 5 Star
Where did the elements first come from? Astronomer Neil de Grasse Tyson explains Link YouTube. 2 mins 4 Star
Watch as Carl Sagan takes us on a whirlwind tour of the history of our planetary and biological evolution. Link YouTube. 8 mins 4 Star
Professor Brain Cox explains it in his own inimitable way. Link YouTube. 6 minutes. Taken from his "Wonders of the Universe" series 5 Star
Interactive drag and drop of different elements to see how they form compounds Link Nice activity from skoool.ie 4 Star
10 minute Irish-made video Link Are the properties of a compound the same or similar to the properties of its constituent elements? Find out more about this and the 3 states of matter in this programme.  
Visualisations of the spectra of the elements Link

Otherwise known as "The Barcode of the Elements".
Might be a little advance for most, but one or two might appreciate it.

4 Star