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Junior Cert: The Circulation System


White blood cell chases bacterium

YouTube 10 secs 5 Star
Similar with commentary (30 secs) YouTube 30 secs 5 Star
Function of the blood YouTube 1 min. I like the analogy of blood being like a train. 4 Star
This one includes the deposit of oxygen into the cells YouTube 1 min 4 Star

How blood pressure works

Link YouTube 1 min 4 Star
Circulation System
Wonderful rap YouTube 3 mins 5 Star
High blood pressure YouTube 3 mins 4 Star
The Heart
A human could crawl through the heart arteries of a whale. Twitterpic 5 Star
Introduction to the parts of the heart YouTube 2 mins. 4 Star

Real-time heart transplant

YouTube 6 mins. 5 Star
How a normal heart pumps blood YouTube 1 min. 4 Star
Nice overview Highlights how difficult it can be to understand it. From TED on YouTube 4 Star
Beautiful life-like animation of a beating heart Includes external and internal views 4 Star
Interactive drag and drop of the parts of the heart Excellent activity from skoool.ie 4 Star
Drag and drop labelling activity on the heart Nice activity 4 Star
Students investigate the various pathways MyYouTube 2 mins.  
Measure your heart-rate with your iPhone Cool app from instantheartrate.com 5 Star
An alternative From.azumio.com