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Junior Cert: Food

What If You Stopped Eating? Link YouTube. 4 mins  
How the Vitamins Got Their Names
Link YouTube. 4 mins  
How to measure how many calories are in different breakfast cereals. YouTube. 4 mins 4 Star

Demonstration of the various food-tests and also food energy to heat energy

YouTube. 8 mins 4 Star
Course a peanut can't do this now, can it? Using bacon to burn steel. YouTube. 2 mins 5 Star
Did you know that you can get the iron back out of fortified cereal? Fantastic class experiment. YouTube. 2 mins 5 Star
How many calories do you need every day? Nice 'do it yourself' checklist 3 Star
How much of the accepted wisdom about our food intake is myth? News article from theguardian.com 5 Star
Nutrition table on all foods You enter the food and it spits out the details 4 Star
Did you know that we throw out about one third of all of our food? Text-based, from The Daily Mail (apparently in the U.S. that fraction is about a half)  
Which is more dense - diet coke or regular coke?

From Steve Spangler. Youtube. 3 mins.
The difference is sugar. Watch how much sugar is in regular coke.

4 Star
Sugar: Hiding in plain sight YouTube. 4 mins 3 Star
Cereal bars healthy image is a myth From Which? magazine