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Junior Cert: Plant Reproduction

Revison Crossword on Plant Reproduction    
Lovely image of a flower With just the main parts labelled 4 Star
On rare occasions we see this phenomenon where a tree with ripe fruits begins to flower in the autumn. Twitterpic 3 Star
Webpage on plants which use asexual reproduction Nice examples - images plus text 3 Star
Pollination: wind and insects Youtube 4 minutes 3 Star
Seed Dispersal with David Attenborough Youtube 4 minutes 3 Star
Similar - insects and wind Youtube 1 minute 3 Star
The benefits and pitfalls of cloning as a means of reproduction. From Evolution: "Why Sex?" From teachersdomain.org 4 Star
Germination: plant sprouts in a man's lung 2 min video. He thought he had lung cancer 5 Star