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Junior Cert: Ecology

A food web in operation in the Serengeti YouTube. 3 mins 4 Star
David Attenborough - Wonderful World YouTube. 4 mins 5 Star
Breathingearth.net Wonderful site for all types of up-to-date information on the Earth and its inhabitants, including no. of people born and died since you opened the site  
Worldmapper.org Looks at size of each country in terms of its population  
Climatechange.ie Wonderful website and blog from John Gibbons  
Nature red in tooth and claw Hyenas eat wildebeest alive. YouTube. 4 mins.
Should students see what Nature is really like?
5 Star
Here's David Attenborough's take on how we sentamentalise reality YouTube. 2 mins 5 Star
And here's Monty Python's take on it YouTube. 2 mins 5 Star
Zombie snails YouTube. 2 mins 4 Star
Evolution of Camouflage Link 1 min video from pbslearningmedia.org  
A look at the fantastic camouflage on a mantis 3 minutes from teachersdomain 5 Star
Can you spot the caterpillar Click on 'Next' to see a series of other animals 5 Star
Octopus and squid use camouflage From vimeo.com. 2 mins 4 Star
Octopus swims like a flatfish Scroll down to see the short video from Phys.org 4 Star
Praying Mantis Mimics Flower to Trick Prey nationalgeographic.com 4 Star
Bugs and Spiders Disguised as Poop, Leaves, and Each Other wired.com 4 Star
Amazing mimicry from the lyre bird Courtesy of David Attenborough. YouTube. 3 mins 5 Star
Fish of the Mariana trench Series of images 5 Star
Lots of other videos on animal adaptation From asknature.org 4 Star
Did you know that birds are living dinosaurs? A short history of feathers. 3 mins. YouTube. 4 Star
What lives in our seas Wonderful video from National Geographic. Make sure to also check out the wonderful videos in the sidebar. 5 Star
Plastic in the ocean - the world's biggest garbage dump Simply incredible what we are doing to our oceans. YouTube 7 mins. 5 Star
Bioversity -what is it and why we need it 6 minute video. It's not all good news 5 Star