Quantum Theory

Quantum mechanics 101: Demystifying tough physics in 4 easy lessons link Courtesy of TED  
Quantum Entanglement Documentary - Atomic Physics and Reality link Youtube 40 minutes.  
Major General Albert Newton Stubblebine III thought that we could walk through walls link As described by Richard Dawkins on TED  
This guy actually exists! link Courtesy of wikipedia  
What is touch? Just watch everything by MinutePhysics. YouTube  
The Atom Song Youtube 3 minutes. Wonderful history of the atom. Best appreciated by Leaving Cert Chemistry students I suspect  
What's the big deal with Quantum Theory? Dr Quantum explains. YouTube. 5 mins  
Wonderful Introduction to Quantum Theory
Teachersdomain video clip - 6 mins
Another dated but well-produced documentary on QT
Entitled "Uncertain Principles". Youtube. 30 minutes
This is a video clip taken at the Solvay Institute, where a conference was being held to discuss the recent findings in Quantum Physics.
Most of the main players are there; There is a well-known picture which was taken of all the attendees, but I wasn’t aware that a video existed - it’s a little spine-tingling…Youtube 3 minutes
The Wave-Mechanical model
Dated but informative explanation of the concept of electrons as waves. Youtube 10 minutes
Particles and waves / double Slit experiment      
Double Slit Experiment

Dr Quantum explains the critical experiment in Quantum Theory
5 minute cartoon: Youtube

Is light made up of particles or waves?
Text-based history of the conundrum
The Quantum Cafe
Video-clip taken from The Elegant Universe
Richard Feynman on the Double Slit Paradox: Particle or Wave? Youtube 56 minutes. Dated, but watching a genius is never time wasted. Or at the very least just watch the first few minutes  
Particles and waves: The central mystery of quantum mechanics Youtube 5 minutes  
Brian Greene : What's Beyond The Double Slit Experiment? link YouTube. 6 mins  
Reality doesn’t exist until we measure it, quantum experiment confirms link From sciencealert.com  
The history of the photon Melvyn Bragg tackles this topic as part of his 'In Our Time' radio series for the BBC  
The problem with quantum theory      
The problem with quantum theory It just doesn't fit with the laws of gravitation. String-Theory to the rescue anyone? Video-clip taken from The Elegant Universe  
Reality doesn’t exist until we measure it, quantum experiment confirms link Text-based from sciencealert.com  
Why, when Einstein played such a role in the origin of Q.T., did he have such problems with it?
BBC Radio 4 sound file - 30 mins
Parallel Universes      
Parallel Universes: Many Worlds One attempt to make sense of some of these bizarre results.
YouTube. 3 mins
Is there another 'you' reading this in a parallel universe? link Video of Brian Greene talking about his new book  
Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle YouTube. 5 mins from Ted-Ed  
Einstein's miracle year YouTube. 5 mins from Ted-Ed  
Schrodinger’s cat      
From The Open University YouTube. 1 min  
From IDTIMWYTIM: YouTube. 5 mins  
What can Schrödinger's cat teach us about quantum mechanics? YouTube. 5 mins from Ted-Ed  
From MinutePhysics YouTube. 2 mins  

Schrodinger’s cat – 60 seconds