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Vector Despicable Me
YouTube. 1 min
Using vectors and conservation of momentum to explain why the computer game PORTAL is not realistic Interesting use of vectors. From Sixty Symbols on YouTube. 4 mins. 4 Star
Gravity and orbits Notice that the direction of the gravitational force is perpindicular to the direction of motion. Notice also that the gravitational forces acting on each mass are equa and opposite. From Phet. 4 Star


Drag 2 of the vectors out of the bin and hit 'Sum' to get the resultant. From Phet.

3 Star
How Galileo realised that you could 'dilute' acceleration due to gravity using vectors Short video from pbslearningmedia.org 3 Star
Soccer ball shot from a truck A truck goes at 30 km/h. Shoot a ball backwards at 30 km/h. What happens? Youtube. One minute Mythbusters 4 Star
  Youtube. Japanese style 4 Star

And a bit of fun


Advertisement; the USS Montana versus an Irish Lighthouse. Youtube. One minute 4 Star