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Vector Despicable Me
YouTube. 1 min
Using vectors and conservation of momentum to explain why the computer game PORTAL is not realistic Interesting use of vectors. From Sixty Symbols on YouTube. 4 mins. 4 Star
Introduction to the concept
YouTube. 12 mins
4 Star
Projectile in motion, velocity vectors indicated From surendranath.com 4 Star
Resultants Click on the 'Parallelogram" option 4 Star


From Phet.
Drag 2 of the vectors out of the bin and hit 'Sum' to get the resultant

3 Star
How Galileo realised that you could 'dilute' acceleration due to gravity using vectors Short video from pbslearningmedia.org 3 Star

An interactive review of vectors


Text based

3 Star
Soccer ball shot from a truck A truck goes at 30 km/h. Shoot a ball backwards at 30 km/h. What happens? Youtube. One minute Mythbusters 4 Star
  Youtube. Four minutes - scroll forward to the 2-minute mark 4 Star

And a bit of fun


Advertisement; the USS Montana versus an Irish Lighthouse. Youtube. One minute

4 Star