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Acceleration Applets

Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration Graphs We visited this site in the last chapter, but it's useful to review it here 4 Star
The single greatest site out there for learning about velocity-time graphs. Unfortunately the site is blocked in most schools. It's opening page is also not helpful 5 Star
  Drop a tennis ball down a tube, and then by clicking on graph, you get a graph of displacement, velocity or acceleration against time. From explorelearning.com so limited to 5 minutes
4 Star
How does an iPhone measure acceleration?
YouTube. 4 mins 4 Star
Braking and Reaction Time Working out stopping distances involves more than just hitting the brakes 4 Star
An investigation into stopping distances
Test your reaction time 4 Star
How did Galileo discover his law of falling objects?
Nice 3 min video from teachersdomain.org 4 Star
Galileo experiment - dropping hammer and feather on the moon.
YouTube - 1 min - quality isn't great 3 Star
From a different site (in case you don't have YouTube in school) 3 Star
And dropping them from the tower of Pisa (in a bell jar!)
Animation of famous Galileo experiment 5 Star
Brian Cox visits the world's biggest vacuum chamber
Perfect for a repeat of the ball and feather demonstration. YouTube - 4 mins 4 Star
Brianiac try it in their own inimitable style
YouTube - 6 mins 4 Star
Physics of Skydiving and terminal velocity      
Graph representing velocity of a skydiver
from absorblearning.com  
Explained in terms of forces Short and Simple animation 3 Star
  Another perspective 4 Star

Colonel Joe Kittinger sky-dives from space!
YouTube - 2 mins

4 Star
  Web-site about those who have survived incredible falls. Text-based 3 Star

Mandatory experiment:
To measure g by freefall

Simulation 1


3 Star
Simulation 2
From mathsphysics.com 4 Star

MyYoutube - 10 mins

An alternative set-up
MyYoutube - 8 mins  
Engineer Guy shows how a phone accelerometer works, how it knows what's up and sideways
YouTube 4 minutes 5 star
Mandatory Experiment: Freefall
From mathsphysics.com