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How fast are you moving right now? Youtube via TED-Ed. 6 minutes 4 Star
Distance versus Displacement Very simple applet to demonstrate the difference between distance and displacement.
From faraday.physics
4 Star
Instantaneous versus average speed link Using the slope of a distance time graph, where you can vary the time interval
From surendranath.org
4 Star
Instantaneous velocity link From surendranath.org  
Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration Graphs A wonderful and fun series of exercises to help understand motion graphs. Not accessable from most schools because it is hosted on a blog site. 5 Star
Play with the different variables and see how the graph changes. From walter-fendt.de 4 Star
  Wonderful graphing challenge - we'll come back to this in the next chapter 5 Star
Mandatory experiment      
Measuring velocity with an air track and light gates link YouTube video from c4science 4 Star
Measuring a constant velocity with a ticker timer link YouTube video from c4science 4 Star
Measuring velocity with a motion sensor link YouTube video from c4science 4 Star