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Lenses applets

Ray Tracing link Double-click to switch from multi-rays to just the principle rays.
For both Lenses and Mirrors. From surendranath.org
5 Star
  Lens only. Excellent teaching aid. Make sure you play with all the different tabs. To run the program cllick on the green 'run now' tab below the picture. From pHet 4 Star
Irish-made, this has the nice bonus of showing the rays as they travel from object to mirror and then reflect off. 4 Star
Short- and Long-sightedness Nice 'n simple 4 Star
Video of eye dissection Really nice video of a dissection of a cow's eye, but can take a while to download so it should be downloaded in advance. 4 Star
  Laser eye surgery to change the shape of a lens. Youtube. 3 minutes 3 Star
More detailed look at it the different parts here. Text based 3 Star
Interactive Drag and Drop 4 Star
How Moken children see with amazing clarity underwater They close their iris. YouTube 2 mins 5 Star
The hole-in-your-hand trick Also details the role of your brain in the process. Youtube. 3 minutes 4 Star
Perceptual Adaptation
Upside down glasses In action. YouTube. 2 mins 3 Star
Background info A little history on this fascinating topic  
Theory from wikipedia. They were first investigated in the 1890s.  
The boy who sees without eyes Just to show there is still a heck of a lot we still don't know. Youtube. 10 minutes 4 Star
Evolution of the eye      
How could an eye possibly evolve from a simpler organ? YouTube 5 mins via TED-Ed 4 Star
Mandatory experiment: To measure the focal length of a convex lens Nice simulation from mathsphysics.com 4 Star
  link YouTube video from c4science 4 Star