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Lenses applets

Ray Tracing For both Lenses and Mirrors. Double-click to switch from multi-rays to just the principle rays. 5 Star
Lens only. Excellent teaching aid. Make sure you play with all the different tabs. To run the program cllick on the green 'run now' tab below the picture. 4 Star
Irish-made, this has the nice bonus of showing the rays as they travel from object to mirror and then reflect off. 4 Star
The real thing Beautiful image caused by a drop of water acting as a lens. Facebook image 5 Star
A compound microscope Based on two lenses. You don't have to know this, but interesting nonetheless. 4 Star
Combinations of Lenses Put together different combinations of lenses to see their effect on rays of light 3 Star
Power of Accomodation Watch as the shape of the lens changes as you move the object closer to the eye 3 Star
Similar to above 4 Star
Short- and Long-sightedness Nice 'n simple 4 Star
Video of eye dissection Really nice video of a dissection of a cow's eye, but can take a while to download so it should be downloaded in advance. 4 Star
  Laser eye surgery to change the shape of a lens. Youtube. 3 minutes 3 Star
more detailed look at it the different parts here. Text based 3 Star
Interactive Drag and Drop 4 Star
How Moken children see with amazing clarity underwater They close their iris. YouTube 2 mins 5 Star
The hole-in-your-hand trick Also details the role of your brain in the process. Youtube. 3 minutes 4 Star
Perceptual Adaptation
Upside down glasses In action. YouTube. 2 mins 3 Star
Buy them here Only 30 bucks. Not sure about delivery. 4 Star
Background info A little history on this fascinating topic  
Theory from wikipedia. They were first investigated in the 1890s.  
The boy who sees without eyes Just to show there is still a heck of a lot we still don't know. Youtube. 10 minutes 4 Star
Evolution of the eye This has always been one of the main arguments against evolution - how can an eye evolve; doesn't it have to appear all together? Nope 5 Star
How could an eye possibly evolve from a simpler organ? YouTube 5 mins via TED-Ed 4 Star
Mandatory Experiment From mathsphysics.com