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Reflection of Light

Plane Mirrors
Light Fantastic YouTube. 3 mins Wonderfully dramatic introduction to the incredible history of light. A BBC production 4 Star
The journey of a photon of light emitted from the surface of the sun Illustrated, in realtime, traveling across a portion of the solar system, from a human perspective. 45 minutes. Beautiful From vimeo.com
4 Star
Image Distance = Object Distance
Nice applet showing the the path taken by light as it reflects off the mirror.
From acoustics.salford.ac.uk
4 Star
To show angle of Incidence = angle of reflection
Nice introduction From freezeray.com 4 Star
Laws of Reflection link From freezeray.com  
  link Youtube. 4 minutes. Nice cartoon 4 Star
An alternative illustration link Simple diagram from absorlearning.com
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Second law of reflection link Simple diagram from absorlearning.com; the plane in question is lightly shaded, perpindicular to the mirror.
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Labelled diagram including normal link Simple diagram from absorlearning.com
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Fun with Pepper's Ghost OK Go - The Writing's On the Wall - Official Video. Youtube. 8 minutes 4 Star

Can you guess how it works without being told – the clue is U = V. Youtube. 1 minute

4 Star
What happens when somebody who isn't used to mirrors sees their reflection? MyYouTube. 2 mins  
Self-Recognition in Apes link YouTube. 5 mins from National Geographic 5 Star
Apes and mirrors link YouTube. 5 mins  
Chimps Attack Mirror Reflections link YouTube. 2 mins  
Dolphins and mirrors link YouTube. 5 mins  
Mirror Self-Recognition in Asian Elephants! link YouTube. 5 mins  

Spiders are awesome

link Vimeo 1 min  
Spherical Mirrors
Solar Mirror

Archimedes Mirror, also known as The Solar Death Ray! A look at some household objects 'nuked' by a solar mirror. Youtube. Two minutes.

4 Star
  Using solar power to melt steel. Youtube. Two minutes
4 Star
  Trying to replictate the real thing. Youtube. 8 minutes
4 Star
Nutella jar left on a window-sill causes house fire in London. Sun's rays responsible for 125 fires in the last five years in London and warned they are a risk in the winter as well as the summer. Text-based with embedded video from the BBC  
Ray Tracing Double-click to switch from multi-rays to just the principle rays.
For both Lenses and Mirrors. From surendranath.org
5 Star
  Irish-made, this has the nice bonus of showing the rays as they travel from object to mirror and then reflect off.
4 Star
Real image Looking at some applications of concave and convex mirrors. MyYoutube. 10 minutes  
  The mirage maker - pretty cool with the little piggy an' all, especially when you shine a light at the image. MyYoutube. 3 minutes.  
Nobody gets mirrors Blogpost from a psychology site  
For teachers: what lasers are safe to use?
Lasers in the classroom Safety document from CLEAPPS  
Mandatory experiment: To measure the focal length of a concave miror link Nice simulation from mathsphysics.com 4 Star
  link YouTube video from c4science 4 Star