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Particle Physics

Excellent overview of what you need to know. Link Use this as an a quick introduction but then go over it in much more detail for revision afterwards. It's as good as any professional production but was put together by physics teacher Louise Boylan from Mount Sackville. 5 Star
It's all about principles of conservation Professor Eric Mazur discusses how this approach has changed his teaching. YouTube. 2 mins 4 Star
The Real Meaning of E=mc² Link YouTube. 10 mins. Excellent synopsis 5 Star
It's not easy to bring E = mc squared into homeopathy, but bless her she tries. The mind boggles. How about a homeopathic physics lesson from Dr Werner. YouTube 8 mins.  
Cockroft and Walton Experiment Link Nice animation 4 Star
Particle Accelerators      
A humourous look at the LHC Link YouTube. 2 mins. So physics can be fun after all. Who knew? 5 Star
More detailed Link YouTube. 6 mins. 5 Star
The Large Hadron Rap Link Currently viewed over 6 million times on YouTube. 5 mins. 5 Star
Build your own cloud chamber YouTube. 5 mins. 5 Star
“We Honestly Have No Idea [ ]What We’re Doing”, Admits Leading Quantum Physicist Best to keep this one a secret. From waterfordwhispersnews.com 5 Star
Antimatter explained 3 mins from MinutePhysics on YouTube 4 Star

If matter falls down, does antimatter fall up?

YouTube. 5 mins. from TED-Ed 4 Star
Paul Dirac was a man of very, very few words Extract of a very funny newspaper interview 4 Star
Making antimatter YouTube. 1 min. 3 Star
Pair Annihilation and Production Link Short and sweet applet - can be downloaded 4 Star
btw, we have no idea what 95% of the universe is made of. Link A tad embarassing don't you think? Comic video presentation 4 Star
Why is our universe made of matter instead of antimatter Link YouTube. 25 mins 4 Star
Four forces of Nature      
What are the big questions that still remain in this area? Link Part of The Particle Adventure presentation  
Theories of Everything, Mapped Link The map provides concise descriptions of highly complex theories; learn more by exploring the links to dozens of articles and videos  
Strong Interaction: The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics (part 1 of 2) Youtube. 4 minutes. 4 Star
(part 2 of 2) Youtube. 4 minutes. Youtube. 4 minutes. 4 Star
Story of the origin of quarks Dr. Brian Cox. 5 Star
Story of the origin of quarks (part 5 of 15 Dr. Brian Cox. Youtube. 3 minutes. 5 Star
Want to hear a song about Quarks? And let's face it - who wouldn't want to hear a song about quarks? YouTube. 3 mins.courtesy of vlogbrothers 3 Star
  YouTube. 3 mins. Ain't goin' to top the charts. 3 Star
Murray Gell-Mann talks quarks And the importance of abandoning 'what everybody knows'.
12 mins, but the voice is not the easiest to listen to.
3 Star
Gell-Mann on beauty in physics Link Includes reference to his education Youtube. 16 minutes 4 Star
Introduction from Sixty Symbols Link Youtube. 11 minutes 4 Star
Detector one Link From Snolab in Canada.Youtube. 7 minutes 3 Star
Detector two Link The Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory being built in Antarctica could become the first instrument to detect neutrinos from deep space. Youtube. 1:30
3 Star
The history of neutrinos A 20 minute podcast, from yours truly.  
  Also available from itunes  
  The script to the podcast  
Cosmic rays How cosmic rays help us understand the universe.
5 mins
4 mins