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The electron

Quantum theory links
What has Quantum Theory got to do with The Electron? It seems that the electron can be proven to be a wave rather than a particle.
Why is this crazy stuff not on the syllabus?
Millikan's Oil-Drop experiment Discovered the charge on the electron YouTube. 2 minutes. 3 Star
Why is glass transparent? link YouTube. 5 minutes.  
How are electrons responsible for colour? YouTube. 5 mins. Explained in tems of copper 4 Star
How can an electron be both a particle and a wave Dr Quantum explains one of the biggest conundrums in all of Science YouTube. 5 minutes. 5 Star
View J.J. Thompson's letter where he described his experiments on cathode rays link Heavy going but it gives some indication of what it's like to work in a field where you are trying to make sense of results - no obvious conclusions  
Of the "Electron," or Atom of Electricity Stoney's letter where he lays claim to coining the term 'electron' 5 Star
Discovery of the electron by J.J. Thompson
Youtube 3 minutes. Thompson won a Nobel prize for discovering the particle called the electron while his son later went on to win the Nobel Prize for proving it was a wave!
4 Star
Cathode Ray Tube      
More detailed investigation link Description of how a Cathode Ray Tube works. MyYoutube 6:30  
How a television screen works
Want to know what's inside a TV? –Try shooting it. link Not quite the scientific approach, but whatever rocks your boat. YouTube. 3 mins  
What happens when you bring a strong magnet up to a tv screen?
YouTube. 4 minutes
4 Star
Something similar
Youtube. 1:30
4 Star
Messing with a CRT and a magnet From MIT tech tv 4 Star
A beam of electrons moving at right angles to a magnetic field will move in a circular path
What it says is what it does
4 Star
Why a charged particle moves in a circle
Nice animation to help explain the concept.
. 15 seconds.
4 Star
Photoelectric effect
From explorelearning.com, another very useful applet
5 Star
Simple animation but effective in demonstrating various aspects. May only work with Internet Explorer
5 Star
Simple animation to illustration the maths equation.
May only work with Internet Explorer
5 Star
The Photoelectric Effect
Simulation followed by demonstration MyYoutube. 9 minutes  
Using just tinsel and a coke can as the gold leaf electroscope Nice demonstration . Youtube. 1 minutes 5 Star
Some background information on the demonstration above Blog post from teachingofscience.wordpress.com  
The Photoelectric Cell
Using simulation plus demonstration . MyYoutube. 5:30.
Diagram of an x-ray tube From absorblearning.com
May only work with Internet Explorer
4 star
  link 7 minute introduction from YouTube 4 Star

Sticky tape x rays
YouTube. 30 seconds
5 Star
Or you could just use sellotape Seriously. Text-based from the BBC 3 Star
X-ray images
Lots more x-ray images
May only work with Internet Explorer
or firefox
4 Star
Penetration of x-rays From absorblearning.com
May only work with Internet Explorer
4 star
Amazing X-ray GIFs Show Joints In Motion Pretty cool, from weissortho.com 4 Star
Xray images of Sword Swallowers in action
Freaky swordswallow.com
4 Star