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Electromagnetism Applets

Faraday and the doughnut Link Faraday's discovery of electromagnetic induction.
Six Experiments That Changed the World. YouTube. 8 mins
4 Star
The Unification of Electricity and Magnetism Brian Cox on YouTube. 4 mins 4 Star
Everything you wanted to know about electromagnetism Link KhanAcademy on YouTube. 6 mins  
Faraday's Law

Simple animation Link From pHet 3 Star
Demonstration of Faraday's Law. Move magnet slowly, then quickly and notice size of deflection. micro.magnet.fsu.edu
4 Star
  MyYoutube. 1 min.  
Overview of EM Induction

View before and after studing the chapter as a form of revision to bring it all together. Youtube.
10 minutes

4 Star
ELECTROMAGNETISM (FULL SHOW) Complete one hour overview of all topics. Youtube 4 Star
How to generate electric current Over 200,000 views. Must be doing something right. MyYoutube
Make your own generator Text-based from creative-science.org.uk  
Physics of the Faraday Torch EM Induction, diodes (rectification), capacitor (storing charge), leds, it's got the lot. MyYoutube. 3 mins.  
Lenz’ Law
Nice visualision of the relevant magnetic fields. micro.magnet.fsu.edu
4 Star
Arago's disc
MyYoutube. 4 minutes. Also magnet exiting a can, em braking, monopolar motor
Dropping a magnet down a copper tube MyYoutube. 3 minutes  
Even better Youtube. 1 minute  
Can't get enough of these Youtube. 1 minute 4 Star
Arago's disc plus magnet and can MyYoutube. 2 minutes  
Magnetic sphere rolling (slowly down an aluminium track) Youtube. 1 minute 4 Star
Variation on the above Youtube. 3 minutes 4 Star
The best 'till last Youtube. 4 minutes via Veritasium 4 Star
The Jumping Ring

Short demo. MyYoutube. 1 minute

Series of demonstrations Link There's a lot going on here. You should pause the video and try to predict what will happen each time and why. Youtube. 7 minutes 5 Star
Generator Applets
Note that the higher the frequency, the greater the voltage produced. micro.magnet.fsu.edu
4 Star


More detailed than above as you can visualise Current, Magnetic Field and Force

4 Star

Very useful to explain the sin wave nature of the induced emf.
F rom absorblearning.com

May only work with Internet Explorer
4 Star
Tesla vs Edison, AC vs DC. Bring it on. Epic Rap
Youtube. 3 minutes
5 Star
Make your own motors

Couldn't be simpler, but you do need neodynium magnets. Order them online. Every class should be doing this. From Youtube

5 Star
Make your own generator

Text based. You need neodynium magnets, and led and coil of wire.

3 Star
Is this a generator or a motor?
Actually it's both. MyYoutube. 2 minutes
View a short video clip demonstration of mutual induction
Light bulb connected to a coil is made to light by bringing it close to a primary coil hyperphysics
4 Star
Metal Detectors
Description of how metal detectors work in terms of EM Induction
4 Star
Nice applet which gives a mathematical view of transformers
4 Star
The Dimmer Switch MyYoutube. 1 minute  
The Induction Coil MyYoutube. 1 minute  
How Induction Cookers work YouTube. 2:30. Nice 4 Star
Where do the electrical wires behind your socket go to?
MyYoutube. 1 minute
How an electric guitar works
from YouTube. 2:30
4 Star
How does the radio work, and how did it come to be? The secret life of the radio. 25 min documentary 4 Star