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Current in a Magnetic field

To Demonstrate the Magnetic Effect of an Electric Current
Close the switch and notice the compass deflect
3 Star
Fleming's Left Hand Rule (FBI)
Check it out using your left hand - don't forget to say "stick 'em up, I'm a left-handed FBI agent"!
4 Star
Simple animation
From absorblearning.com
4 Star
How a speaker works
MyYoutube. 5:30.
Lightbulb in a magnetic field MyYoutube. 1:30  
Messing with a CRT and a magnet From MIT tech tv 4 Star
More messing This time YouTube. 4 minutes. Pretty 4 Star
Something similar
Youtube. 1:30
4 Star
Force, Current and Magnetic Field are indicated
4 Star
The world's simplest Motor
Youtube. 20 seconds. Damned tricky to make
4 Star
Variation on the above
Youtube. 50 seconds.
4 Star
Our attempt at this. MyYoutube. 4 mins. Has other bits n bobs too  
The world's simplest electric train Youtube. 2 mins. 4 Star
The magnev train YouTube. 4 minutes. 4 Star
F = Bqv formula Nice animation to help with the derivation 3 Star
Why a charged particle moves in a circle
Nice animation to help explain the concept. Youtube. 15 seconds.
4 Star
Spend a little time waiting for different charges to get emitted Notice the different radii associated with particles travelling at different velocities 4 Star
  From absorblearning.com 3 Star
A beam of electrons moving at right angles to a magnetic field will move in a circular path
What it says is what it is
4 Star
  Charge in an electric and magnetic field  
Magnetic field surrounding parallel wires
Beautiful animation of the magnetic field associated with two long parallel wires. Check out the other simulations while you're there

4 Star

Demo of forces between two parallel conductors
From MIT tech tv
4 Star