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Leaving Cert Physics: Magnets and Magnetic Fields

Let's start off by paying homage to the man who gave his name to the unit of Magnetic flux density. Nikola Tesla. A very weird man but a fantastic scientist.
There are also numerous documentaries on him on YouTube.
4 Star
Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison. Epic Rap Battles of History YouTube. 2 mins 4 Star
Why Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived. Explained in comic book style  
F*****' magnets, how do they work? YouTube. 7 mins. Feynman once again.
There are many important lessons here, which should be on the exam but unfortunately aren't.
5 Star
Magnets: how do they work? from MinutePhysics 4 Star
Magnetic Field Lines      
On your fingernails?? The product itself is 5 Star 3 Star
Where is the true North Pole? YouTube. 4 mins. From MinutePhysics 4 Star
Earth's magnetic field Click on the 'Show Planet Earth tab. 5 Star
Magnetic Field Patterns for a straight conductor, a coil and a loop. Click on Next each time
4 Star
Magnetic Field of a bar magnet. Drag and click the pointer
4 Star
Magnetic Field of a straight conductor, with moving electrons visible in the conductor
4 Star
Magnetic fields associated with two magnets. You can change orientation of both magnets.
4 Star
Magnetic fields protect the Earth from dangerous radiation from the sun YouTube. 2 mins. 3 Star
Aurora Substorm - Real time motion vimeo. 5 mins. Beautiful 5 Star
A solenoid    
Using a solenoid to create a magnet YouTube. 1 min. Poor quality but presumably these could be used to reinvigorate old magnets  
Aurora borealis Panoramic display 4 Star
Animation of how magnetic reversals get frozen in the earth's crust From absorblearning.com 4 Star
3-D magnetic fields
Looking at the 3-D nature of the fields Using ferro-fluid. MyYouTube. 3 minutes  
The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields Wonderful 5 minute video from vimeo.com 5 Star
Dancing paper-clips Any idea why the magnetic field is strongest when the train is speeding up and slowing down. YouTube. 1 minute 4 Star
Want to see a levitating frog?
Because Science has never persued a more noble cause. From YouTube. 10 seconds
5 Star
Or water being affected by a magnet?
Why not try it out in the classroom. you will need neodynium magnets. From YouTube. 40 seconds
4 Star
Make your own 3-D magnetic field.
From youtube. 5 minutes
5 Star
From sixty-symbols. YouTube. 6 mins
4 Star