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  You'll Never Believe What's Levitating This Water YouTube. 1 min 4 Star
Signal generator - free from cognaxon

Excellent for displaying wave nature of sound, Interference of sound, Beats etc.
It's on the second row of the table

5 Star
  Online oscilloscope From zeitnitz.eu. For download to pcs 4 Star
  Another option link    
Frequency analyser - Audacity
Audacity is a world-leader in this area and is also free. Well worth taking the time to work it out. 5 Star
How about one of those infamous mosquito ringtones?
So teachers can't hear when it goes off.
4 Star
Introduction to many of the topics in Sound
Includes some very cool slo-mo video clips. Youtube. 9 minutes.
4 Star
  How sound travels to the ear Very nice animation from absorblearning.com 4 Star
What does sound look like? Pretty dang cool Youtube. 2 minutes. 4 Star
  How a speaker makes sound From animagraffs.com 3 Star
  Cornstarch on a speaker Youtube. 1 minute 3 Star
  Typical sound frequencies - can you label the missing parts? From absorblearning.com  
Excellent Sound Simulation Applets
Play with the different tabs for an introduction to various concepts in Sound
5 Star
  Use an iphone to demonstrate the vibrations in guitar strings Youtube. 2 minutes. Why not try this yourself - it's very cool!
5 Star

Recovering speech by analysing the vibrations of a crisp packet

Youtube. 5 minutes. Fantastic
5 Star
Soundwaves: diagram of constructive and destructive interference
Simple diagrams
3 Star
Interference of Sound Waves, using PC as signal generator
Works very well on a laptop or with the school pc – remember to block one ear.
5 Star
  Animation of what's happening using a microphone to detect the sound. From absorblearning.com 3 Star
  Demonstration in an anechoic chamber Nice 3 Star
Animation of what happens when you rotate a tuning fork
Tuning Fork nodes and antinodes [animation]
3 Star
What happens when you add too waves which are just a little different?
4 Star
Tacoma Narrows Bridge disaster
Youtube. 6 minutes.
5 Star
Make your own tacoma bridge
All you need is a suspension bridge and a few colleagues - Youtube. 30 seconds
4 Star
Science-Shack explain and build a replica
Youtube. 30 minutes 5 Star
  Wine glass resonance in slow motion link YouTube. 4 mins  
Watch as a helicopter's propellors are responsible for tearing the helicopter apart
45 second from Youtube
5 Star
  Match the natural frequency of the stretched spring with the motor to get disaster! From absorblearning.com  
  Simple lab demonstration YouTube. 1 min 4 Star
  The Chinese Singing Bowl MyYouTube. 2 min  
YouTube. 1 min
4 Star
  Resonance using an aluminium rod MyYouTube. 3 min  
  Resonance and Damping Suspension in a pick-up. One for engineers  
  Resonant Frequency of Googly Eyes link vimeo. 1 min  
  Sychronising metronomes YouTube. 4 mins. Comments are funny too 4 Star
  Explanation YouTube. 8 mins 4 Star
  Similar to the opening day of the Millinium bridge YouTube. 5 mins 4 Star
  The importance of resonance in design and engineering. YouTube. It's an oldie but still excellent. Some funny bits in there also. 5 Star
  Why do buildings fall in earthquakes? Resonance - that's why. YouTube. 5 mins 4 Star
Physics of Music
Introduction to the Physics of Music.
Very useful if you're a musician
4 Star
  How architecture helped music evolve From TED via YouTube. 4 Star
Frequency and Length
From the 'Physics to go' team
4 Star
Quirky look at the relationship between Frequency and Pitch
Text-based (from SEED magazine), but short and interesting.
  How brass instruments work link YouTube. 4 mins  
  Powerpoint about the phyiscs of the organ    
  How architecture helped music evolve From TED via YouTube. 4 Star
Chrome Music Lab
link Fantastic site from musiclab.chromeexperiments.com. Because music is for everyone 4 Star
Quality of a note
Why does a piano playing middle C sound different to a violin playing middle C? Harmonics, that's why.
Very useful explanation of why this effect occurs
5 Star
  Another nice simulation of the frequency graphs of different instruments playing the same note. From absorblearning.com 5 Star
Make your own Harmonics
Click on Sound, then Fourier: Making Waves
5 Star
Make your own Harmonics
Scroll down to see the options and click on 'play' to hear the result. 5 Star
  The Audacity program cited near the top of this page can do the real thing - don't forget to bring in the banjo!      
Sound Intensity
Nice explanation of the inverse-square law
Text plus diagrams
4 Star
Nice explanation of why the surface area of a sphere is invoked for area
Text plus diagrams
3 Star
Standing Waves
Nice for demonstrating the natural frequency of a stretched string
Note the harmonics at multiples of the fundamental frequency of 25 Hz
3 Star
Very nice for demonstrating resonance in an open and closed tube

Also demostrates why we need a correction term in the speed of sound experiment.
Also note how the concept of nodes and antinodes applies to sound waves.

5 Star
Rubens Tube
From Youtube. 3 minutes. Watch and enjoy.
5 Star
Rubens Tube - explanation
From Youtube. 2 minutes
5 Star

Rubens tube with a sax

From Youtube. 4 minutes
4 Star
  2-D Rubens Tube From Youtube. 6 minutes 5 Star
  Chladni patterns - 2-D standing waves MyYouTube. 8 mins. Lotsnlotsafun  
  3-D Acoustic Manipulation Youtube. 2 minutes. Incredible 5 Star
Sonic Boom
So what is a Sonic Boom?
Excellent explanation, this was an entry to a video competition. Nice idea. Three minutes from Youtube
5 Star
Slightly querkier explanation. Three minutes from YouTube
4 Star
Nice image caused by jet fighter plane YouTube. Ten seconds
4 Star
Walk in the shoes of Dean Hudson. As a visually impaired person, Dean depends on audio clues to navigate through the world.
A five minute look at sound from a rather different perspective
5 Star
  Video stroboscopy of the vocal chords 2 min video from YouTube 4 Star
Video Images of a baby in a mammy's womb using ultrasound
Absolutely amazing. Youtube. 20 seconds
5 Star
"Air on a g-string" with wine glasses
One minute Youtube video
5 Star
The real thing is called an "Armonica"
"Dance of the sugar-plum fairy". Apparently. Youtube video. 3:30
4 Star
Shattering a wine-glass using resonance. Can the human voice shatter a wine glass?
You decide. Youtube. One minute
4 Star
Chladni Plates
Two-minutes. Youtube
4 Star
Amazing street drummer in New York subway
Six-minute youtube video
5 Star
  The coolest music in the world A group of Siberian percussionists have become an internet hit with an exhibition of ice drumming on frozen Lake Baikal. Youtube 4 Star
Demonstration-video on Sound
From science teacher Mr Noone. Youtube. 9 minutes.
4 Star
Demonstration-video on Sound:
This is a lot more comprehensive but is about 1 hour 45 mins.
3 Star
Demonstration-video on Sound:
Scroll down to Tape 5: The Wonders of Sound. It's about 30 minutes long
3 Star
The Experiments Measuring the speed of sound MyYouTube. 7 mins  
  Speed of sound experiment You need to download it to your computer first, but it's useful 4 Star
  Speed of sound experiment From mathsphysics.com  
  Frequency versus length    
  Frequency versus tension