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  You'll Never Believe What's Levitating This Water YouTube. 1 min 4 Star
Signal generator - free from cognaxon

Excellent for displaying wave nature of sound, Interference of sound, Beats etc.
It's on the second row of the table

5 Star
  Online oscilloscope From zeitnitz.eu. For download to pcs 4 Star
Frequency analyser - Audacity
Audacity is a world-leader in this area and is also free. Well worth taking the time to work it out. 5 Star
How about one of those infamous mosquito ringtones?
So teachers can't hear when it goes off.
4 Star
Introduction to many of the topics in Sound
Includes some very cool slo-mo video clips. Youtube. 9 minutes.
4 Star
  How sound travels to the ear Very nice animation from absorblearning.com
May only work with Internet Explorer

4 Star
What does sound look like? Pretty dang cool Youtube. 2 minutes. 4 Star
  How a speaker makes sound From animagraffs.com 3 Star
  Cornstarch on a speaker Youtube. 1 minute 3 Star
  Typical sound frequencies - can you label the missing parts? From absorblearning.com
May only work with Internet Explorer
Excellent Sound Simulation Applets
Play with the different tabs for an introduction to various concepts in Sound
5 Star
  Use an iphone to demonstrate the vibrations in guitar strings Youtube. 2 minutes. Why not try this yourself - it's very cool!
5 Star

Recovering speech by analysing the vibrations of a crisp packet

Youtube. 5 minutes. Fantastic
5 Star
Interference of Sound Waves, using PC as signal generator
Works very well on a laptop or with the school pc – remember to block one ear.
5 Star
  Animation of what's happening using a microphone to detect the sound. From absorblearning.com
May only work with Internet Explorer
3 Star
  Demonstratng standing waves in an anechoic chamber Youtube. 8 minutes. Nice 3 Star
Standing Waves
Very nice for demonstrating resonance in an open and closed tube. You can see the waves as they emanate from the source.

Also demostrates why we need a correction term in the speed of sound experiment.
Also note how the concept of nodes and antinodes applies to sound waves.
From walter-fendt.de

5 Star
Rubens Tube
From Youtube. 3 minutes. Watch and enjoy.
5 Star

Rubens tube with a sax

From Youtube. 4 minutes
4 Star
  Pyro-board. 2-D Rubens Tube From Youtube. 6 minutes from Vertasium 5 Star
  Chladni patterns - 2-D standing waves MyYouTube. 8 mins. Lotsnlotsafun  
  3-D Acoustic Manipulation Youtube. 2 minutes. Incredible 5 Star
  Simple lab demonstration using 2 tuning forks YouTube. 1 min 4 Star
  Resonance using an aluminium rod MyYouTube. 3 min  
  Resonant Frequency of Googly Eyes link vimeo. 1 min  
  Sychronising metronomes YouTube. 4 mins. 4 Star
  Explanation YouTube. 8 mins 4 Star
  Wine glass resonance in slow motion link YouTube. 4 mins  
Shattering a wine-glass using resonance. Can the human voice shatter a wine glass?
You decide. Youtube. One minute
4 Star
"Air on a g-string" with wine glasses
One minute Youtube video
5 Star
The real thing is called an "Armonica"
"Dance of the sugar-plum fairy". Apparently. Youtube video. 3:30
4 Star
  The Chinese Singing Bowl MyYouTube. 2 min  
YouTube. 1 min
4 Star
Tacoma and Millenium bridge
Tacoma Narrows Bridge disaster
Youtube. 6 minutes.
5 Star
Make your own tacoma bridge
All you need is a suspension bridge and a few colleagues - Youtube. 30 seconds
4 Star
  Short overview of what went wrong on opening day YouTube. 5 mins 4 Star
Science-Shack explain and build a replica
Youtube. 30 minutes 5 Star
  The importance of resonance in design and engineering. YouTube. It's an oldie but still excellent. Some funny bits in there also. 5 Star
  Why do buildings fall in earthquakes? Resonance - that's why. YouTube. 5 mins 4 Star
  Resonance and Damping Suspension in a pick-up. One for engineers  
Watch as a helicopter's propellors are responsible for tearing the helicopter apart
45 second from Youtube
5 Star
3-D Video Images of a baby in a mammy's womb using ultrasound
Absolutely amazing. Youtube. 20 seconds
5 Star
Quality of a note Another nice simulation of the frequency graphs of different instruments playing the same note. From absorblearning.com
May only work with Internet Explorer
5 Star
Make your own Harmonics
Click on Sound, then Fourier: Making Waves
5 Star
  The Audacity program cited near the top of this page can do the real thing - don't forget to bring in the banjo! link    
Sound Intensity
Nice explanation of the inverse-square law
Text plus diagrams
4 Star
Sonic Boom
So what is a Sonic Boom?
Excellent explanation, this was an entry to a video competition. Nice idea. Three minutes from Youtube
5 Star
Slightly querkier explanation. Three minutes from YouTube
4 Star
Nice image caused by jet fighter plane YouTube. Ten seconds
4 Star
Walk in the shoes of Dean Hudson. As a visually impaired person, Dean depends on audio clues to navigate through the world.
A five minute look at sound from a rather different perspective
5 Star
  Video stroboscopy of the vocal chords 2 min video from YouTube 4 Star
Physics of Music
Introduction to the Physics of Music.
Very useful if you're a musician
From faraday.physics.utoronto.ca
4 Star
  How architecture helped music evolve From TED via YouTube. 4 Star
  The coolest music in the world A group of Siberian percussionists have become an internet hit with an exhibition of ice drumming on frozen Lake Baikal. Youtube 4 Star
Frequency and Length
From the 'Physics to go' team
4 Star
Quirky look at the relationship between Frequency and Pitch
Text-based (from SEED magazine), but short and interesting.
  How brass instruments work link YouTube. 4 mins  
  Powerpoint about the phyiscs of the organ    
  How architecture helped music evolve From TED via YouTube. 4 Star
Chrome Music Lab
link Fantastic site from musiclab.chromeexperiments.com. Because music is for everyone 4 Star
Demonstration-video on Sound
From science teacher Mr Noone. Youtube. 9 minutes.
4 Star
Demonstration-video on Sound:
Scroll down to Tape 5: The Wonders of Sound. It's about 30 minutes long
3 Star
The Experiments        
Measuring the speed of sound   MyYouTube. 7 mins  
    You need to download it to your computer first, but it's useful 4 Star
    link From mathsphysics.com 4 Star


  YouTube video from c4science 4 Star
Frequency versus length   From mathsphysics.com 4 Star
    link YouTube video from c4science 4 Star
Frequency versus tension   From mathsphysics.com 4 Star
    link YouTube video from c4science 4 Star