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Transverse Waves


Rubber Duckie in water
Notice that duckie only bobs up and down. From acoustics.salford.ac.uk
4 Star
  Similar from surendranath.org 3 Star
Making standing waves in an artificial pool

YouTube. 4 mins

4 Star
Now THIS is a transverse wave
Toyko Summerland Wavepool. Apparently. YouTube. 1 min
4 Star
Longitudinal waves
Another simple animation from absorblearning.com May only work with Internet Explorer
3 Star
Anatomy of an earthquake - Professor Iain Stewart link YouTube. 7 mins. Nice mention of S, P and surface waves.  
Awesome slinky slow-mo Veratasium YouTube. 6 mins. Lots of physics 4 Star
Standing Waves
Acoustic Levitation in ULTRA SLOW MOTION link YouTube. 7 mins. From SmarterEveryDay 5 Star
3-D Acoustic Manipulation via standing waves YouTube. 2 minutes. Incredible 5 Star
Creating a wave machine Using only adhesive tape, jelly babies and wooden skewers.
From Alom Shaha with the nationalstemcentre.org
5 Star
Standing waves caused by microwaves
Very nice demonstration using Indian snack food. Scroll down to see some of impressive images
From evilmadscientist.com
4 Star
Standing waves along a spring with a sig gen and vibration gen

YouTube. 1 min

3 star
Beautiful images of standing waves created by christmas lights
From flickr.com
4 star
Simple demonstration of standing waves MyYouTube 9 minutes.  
Diffraction and wavelength
Notice that diffraction is most noticeable when slit width is same as wavelength
From acoustics.salford.ac.uk
4 Star
Animation of radio waves diffracting around a hilltop. From absorblearning.com
May only work with Internet Explorer
3 Star
Lovely animation to show that sound diffracts around corners but light doesn't.
From acoustics.salford.ac.uk
5 Star
Virtual Ripple Tank

Click on "Setup: Two Sources". Then "2 Sources, 1 frequency. Then "3-D"
Then sit back and enjoy. From falstad.com

5 Star
Soundwaves: animation of constructive and destructive interference. From nde-ed.org
3 Star
Interference From Two Point Sources
From acoustics.salford.ac.uk
4 Star
Animations of two waves producing beats link From surendranath.org  
Isn't this just the coolest thing you ever saw? Japanese wave pool generates waves of any shape. YouTube. 3 mins 5 Star
More real video - this time of ripples in a pond
YouTube. 1 min
5 Star
Diffraction and interference of water waves
Wonderful examples using images from Google-Earth
5 Star
All you need to know about waves An oldie but very comprehensive. YouTube 30 min. Leads on to college-level material 4 Star
The Doppler Effect
YouTube videoclip of a fire engine passing by an observer. Do a search on the site for lots of other examples. 20 seconds.
4 Star

Here we can see the waves as they emanate from the source. You can pause at any stage.
From surendranath.org

4 Star
Drag the slider to give the fire engine a velocity.
From absorblearning.com May only work with Internet Explorer
4 Star
As seen in The Big Bang Theory YouTube1 minute. 4 Star
A song all about the Doppler Shift Lyrics are on the page, to listen just click on the link on the left hand side. 3 Star
The Doppler and Red Shift
What is red-shift?
With an Astronomer, a flying saucer and a cow (naturally). From YouTube. 2:30
5 Star