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Heat Applets

What is the difference between Heat and Temperature? Nice example from absorblearning.com 3 Star
What is evaporation? Nice animation from absorblearning.com 4 Star
What's going on when water boils? Nice example from absorblearning.com 4 Star
A cartoon guide to Thermodynamics More suited to third level, but worth a look through 4 Star
Nice explanation of how the bonding affects the heat capacity of water. Video from howstuffworks. 3:30. The explanation is in the middle, so pay attention 5 Star
Specific Heat Capacity      
Introduction to using the SHC equation 6 minute video from howstuffworks. 4 Star
Cool demonstration of convection All you need is a tea-bag (of the herbal variety). From Youtube. Two minutes 5 Star
Convection, sea-floor spreading and plate movement Nice animatin from absorblearning.com 4 Star
Did you know you can heat a water balloon with a candle? Another one to try in class or at home. Very cool. From Youtube. 30 seconds 5 Star
animation of convection in water    
animation of kinetic motion of a rod being heated    
A metal that contracts when heated Zirconium tungstate is important in many areas of technology.
Can you guess why? Text-based
3 Star
Place an ice-cube on two separate blocks - what happens? Something very strange - that's what. MyYouTube 13 mins.  
Firewalking Youtube 16 second 4 Star
  Longest distance firewalk. Youtube 6 minutes 3 Star
  A scientific viewpoint from sceptic Michael Shermer Youtube 7 minutes 5 Star
Why is it Hot Underground? YouTube 3 mins. From MinuteScience 4 Star
Latent Heat      
How to Cool a Drink in 2 Minutes link Youtube 2 minutes  
Heating curve for steraic acid From absorblearning.com 5 Star
Cooling curve for steraic acid From absorblearning.com 5 Star
Melting ice From absorblearning.com 5 Star
Using steam to light a match Because it has absorbed a lot of energy. YouTube. 3 mins 4 Star
Radiation Man tossing hot and cold water balloons (thermal infrared!). From Youtube. 45 seconds. 5 Star
Use salt to help cool a can of coke They should have used a thermometer to indicate the temperature. Why not try it yourself? Metacafe. 2 minutes 4 Star
Watch as water freeezes while heating up! Thought-provokiing clip to test your understanding of latent heat. Youtube 3 minutes 5 Star
What happens when you put a hot metal sphere in water?
It's called The Leidenfrost Effect. MyYoutube. 3 minutes
Mandatory Experiment: SHC of a liquid From mathsphysics.com  
Mandatory Experiment: SLH of fusion of ice From mathsphysics.com  
Mandatory Experiment: SLH of vapourisation of water From mathsphysics.com