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Simple Harmonic Motion

SHM This is one of the best available. Click on "bar chart" and then on "graph" and it gives you an introduction to the sin wave.
Watch out - you're limited to 5 minutes!
5 Star
  Applet showing Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration vectors for object undergoing SHM 4 Star
  Nice applet for demonstrating that acceleration is a maximum when velocity is a minimum. 4 Star
  Very useful introduction to SHM, although many of the concepts are above leaving cert level 4 Star
  Similar to above 4 Star
SHM of a shadow Useful to demonstrate the connection between circular motion and shm. YouTube 15 secs 4 Star
Hooke's Law Experiment Excellent simulation of the experiment. Hang different weights and measure the extension. 5 Star
Art and the Pendulum YouTube 2 minutes. Should we make this? 4 Star
  YouTube 2 minutes. Even prettier 5 Star
Want to buy one? Not too expensive either!  
Pendulum Wave Demonstration Link large-scale demonstration of the interaction between period and pendulum length, using 16 bowling balls hung from a wooden frame. Youtube. 3 mins.  
Pendulum Change Length, Mass or g, and press go. Or use it as practice for the Leaving Cert Experiment 4 Star