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Work, Energy and Power

Principle of Conservation of Energy A YouTube highlighting the idea that ultimately energy is very, very mysterious. YouTube. 6 mins 4 Star
Did you know that you can eat the sun? A lovely take on the subject. 1 min video
4 Star
A clickable guide to the world's energy use Check out 'Oil' and 'Renewable' and compare China and the USA. 4 Star
Nice teaching idea to introduce the concept of energy
4 Star
Energy Conversions
View a short video clip of mechanical energy being converted to electrical energy (a generator), and back to mechanical energy (a motor)
3 Star
It's a rhino jumping off a roof. Naturally
4 Star
Human-powered helicopter Mad. Simply mad 4 Star
Genecon Hand Crank Generator - Demos & Experiments
Fantastic series of ideas for teaching about electrical energy. YouTube. 5 mins
4 Star
You can order the genecon generators here    
Conservation of Energy
Richard Dawkins demonstrates conservation of energy using a pendulum comprised of a large bowling ball. Youtube. 3:30
4 Star
Something similar from the Brianiac team. Youtube. 4:00
4 Star
Conservation of energy Lovely simulation which shows how a ticker-tape would look for a trolley demonstrating conservation of energy 4 Star
And momentum Newton's cradle 3 Star
Physics of the Fosbury Flop Youtube. 4 mins 4 Star
Human loop-the-loop Determined by conservation of energy. YouTube 4 Star
Chasing blocks A lovely counter-intuitive example 4 Star
Silly Stuff
Jackass BMX Roof crash

Video clip of Jackass taking off up a ramp in an attempt to land on a roof, but all does not quite go to plan. Youtube. 10 seconds

4 Star
Photo of some serious shoes
These recover much of the erergy which would otherwise be lost to the ground.
3 Star
Global Warming
Introduction to Global Warming
Youtube 3 minutes
4 Star
If the world warms by 3 degrees
Youtube 2 minutes
4 Star
Global Warming and Alternative Energies
Short Quicktime video clips - Register or test-drive
4 Star
So what about Free Energy?
This was an Irish story which made international headlines in 2006. From YouTube 7 minutes
3 Star