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Law of the Lever      
A balanced spoon - which 'half' is heavier?
Nice teaching idea. YouTube 2 mins 4 Star
Can you explain using Physics why the van doesn't fall over during these two-wheeled stunts?
YouTube 1 min 4 Star
The Fosbury Flop: An athlete uses physics to shatter world records
YouTube 4 mins via TED-Ed 4 Star
Wondeful interactive learning activity
Lots of material for worked examples. From pHet 5 Star
  Basic applet from walter-fendt.de 3 Star
An object is balanced if the centre of gravity is over the base
Some simple demonstrations
MyYouTube. 2 min
Nice Centre of gravity demonstration
Cool party trick, and all you need is a fork, knife, glass and a match. YouTube. Annoy your teacher enough and he (she) might let you try it in class Five Star
Did you know that walking is merely the process of not falling over: It's actually a very unnatural act
First Steps: Watch as babies triy to get the hang of this. YouTube Five Star
Robot Walkbot
Now getting a robot to walk down a stairs is impressive. YouTube Five Star
Mandatory experiment:
Investigation of the laws of equilibrium for a set of co-planar forces
link Nice simulation from mathsphysics.com 4 Star
  link YouTube video from c4science 4 Star