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Gravity Applets

What is gravity Answer? Nobody knows. But this is as close an explanation as we have. MinutePhysics courtesy 4 Star
A nice demonstrate/analogy Bending spacetime using latex. YouTube. 10 minutes and 23 million views! 4 Star
Is there gravity in space? veratasium YouTube. 1 minute 3 Star
Visualize the gravitational force that two objects exert on each other. Gravity Force LabChange properties of the objects in order to see how it changes the gravity force 3 Star
Newton and Gravity What's the connection between Newton, Einstein, the speed of light and Gravity? Taken from The Elegant Universe (6 min video clip) 4 Star
Problem with the Big Bang Alternative explanation for the origin of the universe; 7 min video clip taken from The Elegant Universe 4 Star
A video clip on measuring the gravitational constant (big G): Nice experiment in that it doesn't give a perfect answer so it's more like real science! 4 Star
Did you know that weight varies even around the Earth? To raise awareness, a Bavarian scale manufacturing company, is sending an acrylic garden gnome named Kern around the world, accompanied by a set of scales.
From New Scientist
4 Star
Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory 5 Star
Size of our universe A series of links used with Transition Year 5 Star
Weightlessness and space Short video - Register or test-drive 5 Star
Why are astronauts weightless? Short answer - they're not. YouTube 4 mins 4 Star
Why doesn't the space shuttle fall to Earth? Cool explanation. Youtube. one minute 5 Star
Another viewpoint This time from an astronomer. Youtube. Two minutes 4 Star
What's it like to experience weightlessness? An astronaut gives his experience. Youtube. 3 minutes 4 Star
How do they go the toilet? You know you want to know. Youtube. 2 minutes 4 Star
What happens when you wring a washcloth in space? Youtube. 3 minutes 5 Star
feather and hammer drop on the moon Youtube. 2 minutes. Poor quality 3 Star
Brianiac try it as only they can Youtube. 3 minutes 4 Star
Why zero-gravity bowling will never catch on Cartoon 3 Star
Satellite motion
Try to put the satellite into orbit
3 Star
As above
3 Star
As above
3 Star
As above
3 Star
Astronomy Links
Gravity and the Expansion of the Universe Short video clip 4 Star
Origin of the Elements Short video clip 4 Star
Gravity - Odd man out Why is Gravity different from the other forces? 4 Star
Landing on the moon - did you know this was all faked? From Youtube - quality isn't great. 30 seconds 4 Star
How do you get to the moon? Short video 4 Star
First walk on the moon Iincludes link to Nixon talking about it, plus a link to peoples opinions 4 Star
Gravity – water balloon in space - video clip What happens when you pop a water balloon in space? Only one way to find out. But take a guess in advance anyway! From Youtube 3 Star
Stephen Hawking's universe 53 minute video tracing the history of the universe back to the big bang 4 Star