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One of the most famous images in Science
An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump. You can zoom in and also listen to a podcast. From nationalgallery.org 5 Star
The bed of nails phenonenon
A four-layer bed of nails using 6 inch nails. Youtube. 3 minutes. Guinness world record. Check out other links on youtube also.
5 Star
Pressure in a Liquid
Useful for demonstrating p = pgh
From pHet: Click on the water tower
3 star
Archimedes' Principle
Introduction to Archimedes Principle
3 Star
Converting from cm^2 to m^2, cm^3 to m^3
MyYouTube. 4 minutes  
Very useful introduction to the concept: limited to 5 minutes
5 Star
Put a diet coke can and a regular coke can in a beaker of water. What happens? YouTube. 3 mins  
How much sugar is in a can of soda ?
Way, way too much. From YouTube. 4 minutes
5 Star
Floating Bowling Balls - Cool Science Experiment Steve Spangler Science. YouTube. 3 minutes.
Watch for mix-up of lbs and grams
5 Star
.Density laboratory from explorelearning.com
4 Star
.Determining density via water displacement. From explorelearning.com
3 Star
Silly Stuff
Menthos and Coke
Absolutely amazing. YouTube. 3 minutes.
5 Star
The alka seltzer rocket
From the 'Physics to go' team
4 Star
Amazing marshmallows
The vacu-pump can be obtained in many wine shops
4 Star
Fun with Bernoulli's principle
Again, easy to demonstrate
4 Star
Try breaking an egg with one hand
Can't be done, force is spread over too large an area
4 Star
Nice density demonstration using peanuts and beer (sprite will do fine)
Can you figure out how it works without reading the explanation?
4 Star
Atmospheric Pressure
How heavy is air? Nice introduction. YouTube. 4 mins. From Ted-Ed. Excellent analogy with insects
4 Star
Magdeburg Hemispheres- amazing alternate method- no pump // Homemade Science with Bruce Yeany link YouTube. 5 mins.  
Series of short demonstrations invoving marshmallows
MyYouTube. 6 mins.  
Using a Vac-U-Vin apparatus MyYouTube. Simple demonstration. 8 mins  
55 gallon drum crush YouTube. 3 mins  
An imploding train carriage !!
Youtube. 30 seconds
5 Star
The history of the barometer (and how it works)
YouTube. 5 mins. From Ted-Ed
Interesting that Galileo didn't accept that air has weight or exerts pressure
4 Star
Boyle's Law
Introduction to molecular motion part 1 of 2
MyYouTube. 9 mins  
Part 2
MyYouTube. 9 mins  
Demonstrating the relationship between pressure, volume and temperature
It's known as a Hyman Fire Piston. MyYouTube. 6 mins  
Veritasium try it YouTube. 3 mins  
Mandatory experiment: verification of Boyle's Law
link Nice simulation from mathsphysics.com 4 Star
  link YouTube video from c4science 4 Star
  MyYouTube. 9 mins. Includes a discussion on the variables also  

It's the most useful, but takes a little practice beforehand.


Select 'Boyle's Law', then select a temperature and click on "ok". Next click on the "Graph" tab to bring up a tab of Pressure against Volume. Then add masses to decrease the volume and hit "Record" to plot the values.
But watch out: you're limited to five minutes!
From explorelearning.com
4 Star