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Links related to new Junior Cert Science course

Two sided poster summarising everything about the new program Link Not a bad starting point   http://www.jct.ie/
Framework for Junior Cycle 2015 Link Keyskills are on page 13 60 pages juniorcycle.ie/NCCA_
Overview of the new course Link Gives a little background on each of the key strands. From curriculumonline.ie    
Junior Cycle Science Guidelinesfor the Classroom-Based Assessments and Assessment Task Link   38 pages curriculumonline.ie
Subject Learning and Assessment Review Meeting Link     juniorcycle.ie/NCCA_
Assessing students’ work prior to the Subject Learning and Assessment Review meeting Link     juniorcycle.ie/NCCA_
Junior Cycle Science Learning Outcomes Link Poster of the learning outcomes   jct.ie