Quantum Theory

What is touch? Just watch everything by MinutePhysics. YouTube
The Atom Song Youtube 3 minutes. Wonderful history of the atom. Best appreciated by Leaving Cert Chemistry students I suspect
What's the big deal with Quantum Theory? Dr Quantum explains. YouTube. 5 mins
Wonderful Introduction to Quantum Theory
Teachersdomain video clip - 6 mins
Another dated but well-produced documentary on QT
Entitled "Uncertain Principles". Youtube. 30 minutes
This is a video clip taken at the Solvay Institute, where a conference was being held to discuss the recent findings in Quantum Physics.
Most of the main players are there; There is a well-known picture which was taken of all the attendees, but I wasn’t aware that a video existed - it’s a little spine-tingling…Youtube 3 minutes
The Wave-Mechanical model
Dated but informative explanation of the concept of electrons as waves.
Double Slit experiment    
Double Slit Experiment

Dr Quantum explains the critical experiment in Quantum Theory
5 minute cartoon: Youtube

Why, when Einstein played such a role in the origin of Q.T., did he have such problems with it?
BBC Radio 4 sound file - 30 mins
Is light made up of particles or waves?
Text-based history of the conundrum
The Quantum Cafe
Video-clip Taken from The Elegant Universe
The problem with quantum theory It just doesn't fit with the laws of gravitation. String-Theory to the rescue anyone? Video-clip taken from The Elegant Universe
Reality doesn’t exist until we measure it, quantum experiment confirms link Text-based from sciencealert.com
Schrodinger’s cat    

Schrodinger’s cat – 60 seconds

Parallel Universes: Many Worlds One attempt to make sense of some of these bizarre results.
Is there another 'you' reading this in a parallel universe?
Video of Brian Greene talking about his new book